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UUpdated August 28, 2007
Sacred Geometry is the eternal visual language wrapped around the root concepts of the manifest universe. The archetypes and icons of geometry are absolutely perfect, unchanging, and timeless realities springing directly from God Mind.

The Universe is Vibration, and the principles of Sacred Geometry are directly correspondent to ALL wave form phenomena . . . ALL vibration. Science agrees, the Universe Is Vibration, and geometry IS vibration manifest on the visual, time/space planes.

Sacred Geometry defines the nature of Space and Time.

Sacred Geometry is 

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Introduction To Sacred Geometry

The First Archetypes of Sacred Geometry

Fig. 1
Single Point
The Single Point

(Fig. 1) The Single Point is the first archetype of Sacred Geometry.

The Single Point is the absolute root mental concept . . . the simplest idea possible.

The Single Point is directly related to unity consciousness or Oneness . . . undivided God Mind.

The Single Point is literally The First Dimension . . . the omnipresent—omnipotent center.

Single Pointedness is the root of all holistic thinking . . . THE ALL IS ONE.

Single Pointedness (Oneness) is that which is beyond Duality.

Fig. 2Two PointsThe Two Points
The two dimensional Universe begins with the division of The Single Point.
(Fig. 2) The great and profound mystery of Sacred Geometry: The Single Point magically divides and becomes The Two Points.

The Universe is created by division: Unity Becomes Duality. This is the great miracle and mystery: Suddenly, Point A. is here and Point B. is there.

The Second Dimension literally begins at this conceptual level: The Two Points.

These two points, this first duality . . . marks the first architectural relationship of the Universe, simultaneously creating the first abstract unit of measure, i.e. space.

 Fig. 3Radius/Arc
The Radius/Arc

(Fig. 3) The tremendous energies contained within this first two dimensional relationship of the Universe (The Two Points) manifests as a duality of motion: straight line motion (from Point A. to Point B.) and rotational motion (Point B. around Point A.).

 This dual movement is called The Radius/Arc. It is THE root motion, conceptual Big Bang.

 All the various energies of the universe trace to the play between the Radius and the Arc. The Radius/Arc is Yin and Yang . . . Light and Dark . . . Left and Right ,. . . East and West . . . Up and Down . . . Mother and Father . . . etc.

 ALL . . . manifestations of duality trace to The Radius/Arc.

 Fig. 4Circle
The Circle
(Fig. 4) The timeless relationship forever held within The Radius/Arc(expressed scientifically as Pi ) is THE root mathematical formula and visually unfolds to become the first enclosed form of Sacred Geometry, The Circle .

The Circle is unity . . . Oneness.

The Circle is the two dimensional manifestation of single pointedness . . . undivided God Mind.

The Circle is . . . THE ALL. This is the essence of Mandala: The Circleholds ALL.

Definition: Pi is the ratio of the circumference of the circle to its diameter: Pi is a transcendental or so called irrational number having a value (to eight places) of 3.14159265. For practical purposes, the value of Pi is 3.1416.

 Fig. 5:Two Circles of Common Radius
Two Circles Of Common Radius
As we have seen, the first Icon (The Circle) is created by rotating Point B. around Point A. (the yellow circle).

But The Two Points, are perfect twins with equal potentials, and Point A. can also rotate around Point B.... using the original radius 
(Fig. 5) .

This natural polarity, this reversal of rolls, produces another circle (the violet one).

These two circles create the first overlapping form of Sacred Geometryentitled The Two Circles Of Common Radius.

Fig. 6Vesica Pisces
The Vesica Piscis
(Fig. 6) These two overlapping circles with a common radius, create the second enclosed form of Sacred Geometry. The ancients called this archetypeThe Vesica Piscis. (black shape)

ALL FORM, literally ALL the dimensional forms of this cosmos evolve from this football like shape . . . The Vesica Piscis.

The Vesica Piscis is literally the womb of the universe . . . the ever unfolding Mother of Sacred Geometry.

Fig. 7image
Two New Points - C and D
(Fig. 7) In addition to The Vesica PiscisThe Two Circles Of Common Radius create two new points at their intersections (C. & D.).

The play of Father/Mother (Points A. and B.) create the first children of the universe: The twins (Points C. & D.). And the magnification continues.

Fig. 8The Petal
Four Circles Of Common Radius:
Four New Points (E,F,G,&H):
And The Petal
(Fig. 8) Rotating the first two points (A. & B.) around these new points (C. & D.) creates two additional circles and four additional Vesica Piscis. Now we haveFour circles of common radius and Five Vesica Piscis.

The two new circles also create four more points (E. F. G. & H.), and another enclosed form of Sacred Geometry we call, The Petal (the white shape at the center).

Four circles of common radius is the essence of family revealed in Sacred Geometry: Parents (circles 1 & 2) and children (circles 3 & 4), the family heart in the form of a petal.

Four circles of common radius is THE germ form of The Creation Pattern, as all of the necessary forms are now in place:
Striking more circles around the new points (E. F. G. & H. ) compounds the forms and creates the possibility of a never ending grid of Points, Circles, Vesica Piscis, and Petals entitled Nature's First Pattern (Fig. 9).

Fig. 9
Nature's First PatternThe First Two Circles in Nature's First Pattern

(Fig. 9) Nature's First Pattern is THE Creation Pattern. Literally ALL FORMtraces to this pattern, including "The Germ Of Life, The Seed Of Life, The Flower Of Life, and The Fruit Of Life."

Nature's First Pattern is the ever evolving two dimensional pattern which, at the conceptual level, circumnavigates the universe.

There are an infinite number of sub patterns and forms to be discovered withinNature's First Pattern, and the study of these unlimited possibilities is THE KEY toSacred Geometry.

Introduction To Sacred Geometry: Part 2
The Next Step

Part 2; Your Sacred Geometry Coloring Book

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