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Oxygen generator

Produce your own oxygen at low cost
Gazcon offers a wide range of oxygen generators. Choose from the extensive selection of standard solutions - or ask us to design a custom-made oxygen generator to match your needs. You will find the price surprisingly feasible. All Gazcon generators are based on the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology.

A standard Gazcon oxygen generator:
• has a capacity from 0.8 Nm3/hour to 200 Nm3/hour,
• produces oxygen at a purity of 90.0%, and
• has an outlet gas pressure of up to 4 bar
All Gazcon generators can be optimised to supply even higher purity - up to 95.0%. If you need a higher capacity, a high-pressure solution, higher purity or have other specific requests, Gazcon can design a generator that fits your particular requirements.

A full installation comprises a compressor, refrigeration dryer, filters, air tank, generator and gas buffer tank. Naturally, you can get your full installation from Gazcon. But you can also buy each component, and other optional supply like high pressure compressors or filling stations separately. Smaller models are available with or without cabinets.

Full oxygen generator installation

BenefitsYou get many benefits from a Gazcon solution - here are some:
Flexible• Be you own supplier
• On-site and mobile solutions
• Produce gas when and where you need it
• Get a solution that exactly fits your needs
Cost savings• Low installation and running costs
• Gazcon generators run on electricity only (and require only from 0.34 kW per Nm3/hour)
• Minimum maintenance
• Having your own supply prevents downtime due to gas shortage
• No excess gas is produced
• No transportation or delivery charges
• Quick pay-back - often less than a year
Increased safety• Eliminates safety risks associated with handling of high pressure cylinders
• No large quantities of cryogenic liquefied gas
• Gas sensors and PLC-based warning features
• Complies with the highest industry standards
Easy operation• Fully automated generators
• Minimum maintenance
• Easy installation and operation
• Plug 'n' play
• Get gas on demand 24/7
High quality• Only quality components are used
• Durable and reliable generators

Your can be sure of the quality of your Gazcon solution. Gazcon uses only the best suppliers and components. And all generators are tested before they leave the factory. Our ISO-9001 certification is your guarantee of that!

Service and support 
Gazcon offers a range of services to help you maximise your benefits. For maximum convenience, we offer a fixed-price service agreement based on operation time or calendar time. Of course, all customers are welcome to call us at any time. We are always more than willing to assist you.

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