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Concience , Reputation
de Maria Veronica Bustos Riquelme, el jueves, 7 de junio de 2012 a la(s) 4:29 ·
If we act with consciousness 

are doing always right?

then there is nothing that small 

Why then the minds are right and go through trials? 

by that talk of the day and night? 

Show me 

consciousness, State 

well be positive, creative, not jusga, builds, compassionate, patient 

be bad, negative, without ideas, criticism, destroys, relentless, impatient 

by God 

they are opposites 

nothing and everything 

they have noted that, when we feel less than others, get the worst of us, 

the big test for a being, he is having money or power 

These increase to infinity, defects and virtues 

 only a soul pure, clean, full of love and compassion, desapega things 

not worth for what you have, is worth for what it is 

 I love nature, cooking, with fresh food, spices 

What to do for simple, smells and it has a special flavor 

 a tomato, if a simple tomato, a leaf of aromatic, fresh, its aroma, penetrates and permeates this flavor, spicy, sweet, mix with the taste slightly acid fruit, if the tomato thing. It is, if I remember the fruit family belongs...

that has to do? 

There are associations, combinations, which are laced 

tomato, oregano, I have curry fascinates me and looks good! 

in life, we sometimes have other parts of us that intermingle perfect 

 other times, it seems that we are porcupines!!!


a cactus in ways of development!

or a plantation!

and this leads me to believe...

that happens if instead of cactus, choose only the tuna, if what I can enjoy 

says an old probervio 

Watch only once, to see the beauty...

Watch twice to see the truth 

 and can add 

 last night after a very special mass 

 we read  a passage that mentions 

you have to go through the water, to born again 

 the passage is Jesus and the Samaritan woman 

 How many times we enclosed, we go to the desert, us we isolate 

I say we 

I did, 

until my sick body 

There start to really understand 

every thing from the outside you are your 

now I see 

the world is not against you 

nor against my 

 the world has everything, also Thistles 

I choose 


If I look good 

 up at the Thistles is something good 

 a change in attitude will 

can you change it all? 



Maria Veronica

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