domingo, 10 de febrero de 2013


Maria Veronica Bustos Riquelme, Thursday, May 17, 2012 to the (s) 15:55 ·

happiness and love lead us to discover the real world

is like an ocean and some from within

  all this

  what do you think? you say ...all is there ? I think ...mmmm

every time you laugh, every time you feel joy, love

you be transform, lets free, and open 

there yes 

've tried to fill a glass, full ?

is impossible,  overflows

but if you clean, empty,  if you put it  lovely if

change it 

and now if we are ready for the real, the  truth,  not  image...

your essence your best be

will be ? that we are created in the image of something perfect? we are a universe of posibilities , what do you mean,  what do that you think... what do you  feel?

If You can see, if you can feel, if you have the ability to create everything and grows better when you share...

Is that why the love shared happiness does so well? and is unlimited



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