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How do y let you now by Mario Benedetti
de Maria Veronica Bustos Riquelme, el miércoles, 22 de febrero de 2012 a la(s) 16:03 ·
How do I let you know that there is always time?
That one self has to seek it and give it himself
That no one sets rules, but life
That life without rules loses form
That form is not lost when we open up
That to open up does not mean to love indiscriminately
That is not forbidden to love
That you can also hate
That hatred and love are emotions
That aggression for its own sake, hurts a lot
That wounds healThat the doors should not be closed
That the biggest door is affectionThat affection define us
That defining ourselves is not swimming against the current
That the stronger the stroke, the more you draw
That to try to balance does not mean to be warm
That to deny words, is to open distancesThat the encounter is so beautiful
That sex is part of the beauty of life
That life departs from sex
That the reason for children, has its why
That to want to know about someone, is not just curiousity
That to know everything about everyone is not healthy curiosity
That it never hurts to be thankful
That auto-determination is not to do things alone
That nobody wants to be alone
That you need to give for not to be alone
That to give, we should receive prior
That to receive we must also know how to ask
That to know how to beg is not to give up on yourself
That to give up on yourself is not loving
That to be loved we have to demonstrate who we are
That for someone to be there to help
That help is to encourage and support
That support is not flattering
That adulation is so pernicious as to turn the face
That things are honest face to face
That no one is honest because they don’t steal
That the thief who steals doesn’t do it for pleasure
That when there is no pleasure in things you’re not living
That to feel alive you have to forget that death exists
That one may be dead while living
That one feels with the body and mind
That you hear with your ears
That it costs to be sensitive and not get hurt
That hurt is not bleed to death
That to not get hurt, we build walls
That who sows walls, won’t get anything
That almost we all are builders of walls
That it would be better to build bridges
That on them we reach the other side and also come back
That return does not mean go backward
That to go backwards may mean to advance
That to advance faster does not mean to raise closer to the sunHow do I let you know that no one set rules, but life?

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