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por Maria Veronica Bustos Riquelme (Notas) el Sábado, 13 de abril de 2013 a la(s) 18:50
Have you noticed that everything in nature is balanced ? 
animals, whether food chain...
but this balanced
feeding, no predatory...
to each night follows daylight, 
cold days after warm days, we have a pause...
the rain, clean, renewed all...

all seems to have been conceived from a balance, with light 



and we ? 

us ? 

you, he, she, I

" free will " 

sounds so important,
what is it ? 
you feel? 
are  we taking  this great gift and employing  intelligent-mind, 
we are loving, caring, and all you can think of bears...
not a joke, 


we are aware of enormous power and responsability that we have ? 

everything that happens outside is a reflection of inside...

if someone tells me, I do not see it here...

and a list of disasters, such 
I´m afraid if I or the other one

Those who know say that is a reflection of ourselves...
bad energy, being destructive, you can do with someone  full of goodness ? 

Short  circuit...

off corse

lol ( smile ) 

I am  here  writing, and you are  there ? 

I now  you are here, 

we are all one and if I´m here that I am your creation

where I   want  going ? 

to one world  awake, full of light 

where I want to going?
from awake to a world full of light
where we can respect and learn from the natural
where every can, being develop their best and take advantage of all the wisdom of those who left before,  and left everything to achieve


Maria V

you noticed how generous and ephemeral is nature of our lives?




Maria Veronica

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