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por Maria Veronica Bustos Riquelme (Notas) el domingo, 14 de abril de 2013 a la(s) 0:59
what happens if in this world, who it are  directing, govern ...
are responsible for other....

use  properly his energy 

the fault, judgement, criticism...are positive ? 

or are product of the ignorance, and the use of force, when I don´t understand ? 

we want peace and we talk about that ? 

we want Love, we sow first ? 

we want a world free polution...

there is something more pollutant  what evil thoughts, feelings...

is like a simphony with a orchestra detuned...

what happen if all we,  us  focused , one moment in the day in something positive

how many  possitive energy constructive ¡ 

and our childrens, sons, yes


and the result ?

all we are energy

walk above the forces 

can´t see 
but can create every moment our lifes...


Maria V

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